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February 18 2017

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Eloquent Systems

Eloquent Systems Eloquent Systems Inc. provides software and services to knowledge management (KM) professionals whose role is to assemble, organize and make available the “knowledge resources” required by their enterprise. Knowledge resources include content such as documents, videos, audios, artifacts, diagrams, maps, websites, flipbooks, and anything else that represent the critical resources of the enterprise. Eloquent software provides support for the entire life cycle of these knowledge resources: accessioning, curating, privacy protection, security, delivery to people who need them, freedom of information response, and timely disposition at the end of their life cycle. The software is web-based and mobile-friendly, enabling everyone in the enterprise to access the same database and to catalog their own material. They enjoy only “one place to look” and do not proliferate private silos of information. Every Eloquent customer uses one or more of four applications (ARCHIVES – LIBRARY – MUSEUM – RECORDS) all running on the WebGENCAT Platform, standing for Web-based Generic Cataloging. They run it on their own server or in the convenience of the Eloquent Cloud. All access is with their favorite browser or mobile device. The granular access controls gives everyone the ability to find all they need and only what they need. Global searches and shared taxonomy facilitates ease of use for everyone throughout the enterprise and even for the public if permitted. Results come quickly with Eloquent software. You are cataloging your material during the first remote coaching session and are attaching digital content, just like attaching content to an email. If you have data in a legacy system, Eloquent will migrate it for you and enhance the structure in the process, custom tailoring it to your convenience. You continue to add more content – both physical and digital. Your move to digital is an easy transition, not a major disruption your colleagues may have experienced. Customers use Eloquent Archives™, Eloquent Library™, Eloquent Museum™, and Eloquent Records™ as stand-alone applications as has been the custom for their profession, or they use them as an integrated suite, forming an enterprise content management (ECM) system. All applications have the same “look-and-feel” because they use common code from the WebGENCAT Platform. Shared taxonomy and global search gives them a single convenient place to look for any content they need, no matter which application it may be in or what terminology they use. It is also their digital asset management (DAM) system. Eloquent software is modular and scalable. You start with what you need today and pay as you grow. Each application has all the modules expected for traditional applications managing physical resources as well as new ones to accommodate digital assets and to profit from the latest advances in Web and Internet technology. Eloquent Software Products: 1. Eloquent WebSuite™ - Package of 4 Applications https://www.eloquent-systems.com/products/websuite/ ; 2. Eloquent Records™ - Records Management Software https://www.eloquent-systems.com/products/records/ ; 3. Eloquent Library™ - Library Management Software https://www.eloquent-systems.com/products/librarian/ ; 4. Eloquent Archives™ - Archives Management Software https://www.eloquent-systems.com/products/archives/ ; 5. Eloquent Museum™ - Museum Collections Management Software https://www.eloquent-systems.com/products/museum/ 

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